Amlet, Prince of Denmarkby William Shakespear

Hi writer,
Please write a two-page paper answering the assignment below. Due to the amount of work given to me this semester I am unable to keep up. I have already started this 6-page essay. All I need is a one-sentence thesis that uses key words -2 or 3 of them -that act as a road map for this essay, (NO introduction) and the body paragraphs that emphasizes/supports that thesis sentence. If you are quoting from the play, please include the act, scene and line number right after the sentence in parenthesis.

Hamlet is, in part, a search for the truth, scene after scene. Conventionally, the great mystery of hamlet has been his delay in killing the king. Does this play answer this question and if not, what does the answer imply? Why doesnat he do it? Is this play suggesting that the truth is never fully attained? (Or at the very least, is it saying that the search for the truth can be quite dangerous?). On the other hand, if you feel the mystery of hamlets delay is answered in the play, what is this answer and what does this answer suggest about the plays theme? (For example: if you feel that the play attributes hamlets delay to his desire for certainty, what does this suggest about the search for certainty?)