Amlet vs. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

For this paper you will be writing on William Shakespeareas Hamlet and/or Tom Stoppardas Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. You may write about one play only, compare and contrast the two plays, or compare one of the plays to a film (or, in the case of Hamlet, stage) version. I am willing to entertain additional approaches to the assignment, as long as they focus on at least one of these works. However, you must first clear such approaches with me.
Special notes:
a? Your paper must have a clear thesis.
a? Formatting for this assignment must follow my handout entitled Formatting Your Essays in every particular.
a? Write 5-7 pages (approximately 300 words per page).
a? Cite at least two outside sources* (in addition to whatever plays, films, TV shows, etc., that you choose to focus on).
a? Copies of your outside sources* must accompany your paper.
a? An MLA-form Works Cited (including the plays you reference and your choice of at least two outside sources) must be included; however, it is not part of the 5-7 page count.
a? Make use of terms from my handout on Dramatic Terms.
a? One approach to the paper might be from a critical perspective (Freudian, biographical, historical, deconstructive, etc.).
a? Otherwise, you are welcome to focus on one or more of the literary elements we discussed with reference to short fiction, poetry, and/or drama.