Amlets Antic disposition.Is his madness feigned or real?

The paper should be written to tell the reader that Hamlet is actually sane and normal not that he is actually crazy/insane.
-Do not summarize the plot; focus on following your evidence with specific discussion, comments, and analysis. Do not generalize; be specific.
-Use times new roman, 12 pt font
-Works cited page as the last page of your paper, not a separate document
-Three secondary sources minimum (does not include your primary text)
One of these sources must be from a scholarly book rather than an online article. The other sources must be from peer-reviewed articles, NOT popular sources
-Choose a title that foreshadows the content of your essay
-Position your thesis at the end of your introduction
-Refrain from using Ior Youlanguage, contractions and informal diction
-End with a conclusion that revisits your main points, reiterates your thesis, and looks at the implications of the thesis or issue