Ammam, Harem and Heterotopia: Transgressing Bodies in Byrons Don Juan and Ben Jallouns The Sand Child

Program: MA Comparative Literature
Module: Theorizing Literatures Across Cultures: Contemporary Debates

1. Limit paper to 5000 words
2. Add an introduction and conclusion
3. Tie the text together so it becomes cohesive and a comparative analysis
4. Transform body paragraphs so that they become point by point comparative analysis
5. Get someone specialized in comparative literature and literary theory
6. Balance between text, theory and personal voice
7. Integrate more theory (gender and postcolonial theory) where appropriate
8. Rephrase highlighted sections
9. Restructuring, paragraphing, grammar, punctuation, spelling
10. Work must be original and authentic. It will submitted through
11. I will send you 6 sources plus the original text that is to be edited. You are more than welcome to use the original novels as 2 additional texts
Thesis Statement:
Although separated by geography, era and genre, and the disparate experience of colonizer and colonized, both novels politicize the androgen. Byron and Ben Jelloun transform the androgynous body into the ultimate expression of sexual/na(ra)tional border crossing, and alter the Orient, replete with its iconic images of hammams and harems, into a counter-hegemonic liminal space where alterity is fully explored. Through narrating ambiguous bodies and androgynous experiences, both novels dessentialize and destabilize national and gender identities.