An investigation to find, how Sri Lanka should be marketed to become a famous tourist destination for United Kingdom tourists

Dear Writer,

I submitted the proposal of the dissertation and I got only 38 marks. I have attached My Proposal and the feedback that I received from the tutor for your reference. My tutor told me that there is a problem with my Aim & Objective. Please go through above documents and be good enough to produce me the final dissertation in 10 days. Please change the aim and the objectives as you wish by referring the feedback form. What I want to produce is written below under the Title.

Further can you be kind enough to send me the Introductions and the Literature review part as soon as possible.

Title  An investigation to find, how Sri Lanka should be marketed to become a famous tourist destination for United Kingdom tourists

Aim  an analysis of the strategies employed to market Sri Lanka as a tourist destination in the United Kingdom. (Please change accordingly)

Objectives  (Please change accordingly)

I. To assess and evaluate the current literature review of marketing strategies employed by Sri Lanka as a tourist destination and to review and assess the literature on past and present tourism situation in Sri Lanka.

II. To study the trends of UK travellers from the past and present through secondary research. Information s will be gathered by using UK national statistics (travel trends web pages) web site, WTO web site and from related literature reviews such as journals, magazines, web sites (egvisit Britain web, web) & news papers.

III. To conduct primary research to gather existing and potential UK travellers view about Sri Lanka as a tourist destination by handing out questionnaires to Kings College staff, East London University staff and for staff and customers of Paddy Power Ltd, London.

IV. To carry out primary research to gather information from the business organizations that are involved in the tourism industry in Sri Lanka by sending out questionnaires through e-mail to some selected star class hotels and to tour operating companies in Sri Lanka.

V. To provide possible alternatives and to make recommendations accordingly.


Primary research is a must. (About 50 to 100 questionnaires has to be used to gather info)

Has to be in HARWARD REFERENCING. (Citation for references should follow the Harvard System Format)

About 50 to 60 references needed.

Word count  10000.

Type of font  Times New Roman. Font Size  12.

Layout 4 centimetres left hand margin/2 centimetres top margin, 2 centimetres right margin, 2 centimetres bottom margin.

1.5 line spacing.