Analyse the case of the Indians against FDI in retail trade

1.Your group consists of two business representatives apart from the two others representing the US government. One of the two businessmen is a Director of a major supermarket chain in the USA that sells not only food but also a variety of consumer durables including clothing, leather goods and telephones.

Her company is keen on investing in India with a number of supermarket chains in the major cities. The Directors of her company believe that sales in India will grow rapidly and it is an opportunity not to be missed for getting a foothold in major market. The Government of India as also some members of the business community in India are not enthusiastic about letting in multi brand foreign firms in to the Indian market. The newly elected government is also ambivalent about allowing FDI into the multibrand retail sector.

2.Your job is to assess the market, analyse the case of the Indians against FDI in retail and come up a with a proposal that will be acceptable to the company in the US and the Indians.

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3.Do not analyse too much about the markets. Please focus on the proposals in this coursework.
Thank you!

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4.Please insure that the references are availble for me to read. Because I need to read more informations from the references.