Analyse the change processs at the NHS trust. what are the merits and drawback for the teams and individuals

answers are relevant to the set question.

coherently structured work, which introduceskey issues and concepts.

clear analysis of the arguments, expresses in your (the writer) own words.

evidence of wide reading and appropriate use of sources, including theory and case studies.

application of relevant thoery to the analysis.

critical understanding of the issues involved.

clear conclusin based on the analysis of the arguments and supported by the preceding discussion.

conventional referencing throughout and a list of references and a bibliography at the end of the essay.

use theories from;
Mary parker follett
matthew boulton
Edgar schein
F Carmezzi
Maslow etc.
charles Handy
havard system of referencing, use theory to support your analysis throughout. show evidence of wide reading, relevant books, journals and newspapers.