Analyse the marketing communication strategy of innocent drinks

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Students are expected to include in their analysis the following points:
i?? Who are their target audiences?
i?? What are Innocent Drinksi?? marketing communications objectives?
i?? What media have they used for any promotional material and whyhave they
used the media?
i?? What promotional tools (i.e advertising, public relations, direct marketing,
personal selling, sales promotions)and promotional material (i.e brochures,
leaflets, flyers, posters, videos, stickers, website, bags/notepads/pens etc) have
they used and why?
i?? Provide an in-depth and detailed analysis and critique on their promotional
tools and communication activities.
Recommend any changes for the company in terms of their marketing
communications based not only on their current marketing communication
activities but also on those of their competitors.
 Students are expected to provide strong evidence of understanding of the
concepts which have been analysed in the classroom by referring and applying
those concepts in their report.
 Students may use multiple sources for both practitioners and academics to
support their discussions and arguments. For example, the sources may include,
but is not limited to, the followings:
Arens, W, F.Weigold, M. and Arens, C. Contemporary Advertising, 2011,13th
edition, McGraw-Hill. ISBN: 978-0-07-122060-6
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Academic Journals (Available on LOCATE-Coventry University Library):
i?? Journal of Marketing Communications
i?? Journal of Interactive Marketing
i?? Journal of Public Relations Research
i?? Public Relations Review
i?? Journal of Advertising
i?? Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising
i?? Journal of Advertising Research
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