Analyse the reasons for Ethiopians poverty

You should consider the extent to which different causes of poverty affect the Ethiopian society, including issues of governance and issues related to liberal capitalism; international organisations; trans-national activity; INGO intervention and so on, as well as issues specific to your state.
the essay must contain references to at least 15 different acceptable academic sources, with a minimum of:

3 journal articles
2 academic books
1 general textbook on Africa
2 empirical (reliable) data sources

Other material (such as information gained from African/US/UK government/ International non-governmental organisation websites) may be used, although marks will be gained only from critical analysis of this source material.

Other aspect to consider:

a? Research including both primary and secondary sources
a? Addressing the question directly (the essay is about the causes of poverty of the people in Ethiopia, and should not discuss either a) the level of poverty or b) the means of alleviating poverty)
a? Argument and analysis a do not just list causes; explain the different approaches to the causes of poverty as set out by academic commentators; links groups of similar causes (for example, external and internal) together; discuss the extent to which a particular cause is common either to other states or to Africa as a whole, and so on