Analyse the result from the calculation and case study provided

the calculation are provided for each task, so you just need to analyse the result provided, analyse and comment critically.

the task 1 of the case study you dont have to do the calculation for the ratio.
question 1: as you can notice the ratio payable is missing you may mention it on your analyse/ you have 3 level of comparison: between two company and benchmark within the industry average/ dont describe too much the theory part of ratio– move directly to the analysis in given scenario
question 2: conclude which company to choose/ which one is the better acquisition/ you may need to consider in real world and other factors / give a set of limitation/

task 2 : the calculation are done for the question 1 and 2 you dont need to do it, however from that information you need to answer the question 3: which is critically evaluate the techniques used and comment the result find on the calculation / dont give definition of the techniques / evaluate if the project should be accepted or rejected

task 3 : question 1 the calculation is done for the cash budget so you dont need to do it
question 2 you need to answer

so you need to answer the task 1 : question 1 and 2
Task 2 : question 3
task 3: question 2

i think each of the question should be approximately 625 words.