Analyses and evaluate the micro-external environment of (two) international markets

These are the items which by now should be reflected on this report
product portfolio: features and benefits, USP (if any) your choice!
size of business: Smaller, (with definition from EU website or any other credible source) your choice!
-value bracket: , luxury and we are target rich people to buy at product
customer base detailed by segmentation (Brassington) criteria B2B,
-Look at the quality of the both country and everything else on market.
SWOTanalysis for at product. Used 5 Porter
-Marketing mix for both countries
-Do appropriate research out the supply chain
i § Who are the largest competitors and how do they characterize themselves?
i § How does the Germany and Russia bedroom furniture market works a
i § How has the website have to look like
i § What are the differences in the business culture
i § What will the export cost/ realize.
i § Distribution structure
i § What are the different entry strategies and which one is the most suitable for at business
i § MACROfactors for both country

name the industry/sector which you serve (e.g. shoes, travel, catering, hospitality, sports accessories,....) and get the background information on the UK sector of your choice because it is available and also because you need to know where you stand in your own market (usually Mintel explains it very well); get any report from Mintel or GMID or Keynote or from any company website which has done this market research; you need to understand your sector (main competitors, market shares, pest factors, consumers, level of globalisation/fragmentation, substitute products, country of origin of the main brands, nature of competition, main trends) and Mintel will BULLET POINT THE ITEM YOU NEED TO LOOK AT in their reports; follow the same model;
delivery channels how does YOUR PRODUCT get delivered to the end user in the UK (read Mintel and/or Keynote Reports and bring evidence) please draw or bullet point the channel-
explain WHAT research you will be carrying out

Referencing Requirements:
journal, internet, mintel
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