Analysing of the segmentation, targeting and positioning strategy of pringles.

in determining the grade to be awarded, examiners will take into account the following:
1. Knowledge and understanding of segmentation, targeting and positioning strategies.
2. Knowledge and understanding of the marketing mix.
3. Ability to draw on relevant academic literature to inform and support your analysis.
4. Evaluation of the brand s STP strategy i.e. the STP and its marketing mix.
5. Effectively structured report demonstrating cogent argument.
6. The correct use of a report format with correct syntax and spelling.
7. The correct use of Harvard Referencing.
1.Provide an analysis of the segmentation, targeting and positioning strategy of pringles.Within the analysis you should consider how the marketing mix portrays the brand s chosen your arguments with evidence from the company and/or relevant literature.
2.You will need to make sure that you can access relevant documents setting out information about the brand such as its current communications, pricing strategy, product and channels of distribution. This is the kind of data that you are likely to gather from the firm s own reports (and website) and reports in the marketing and national press.
3. it should be in the form of a report to the brand manager. You may use sub-headings but you must use continuous prose and finish with a conclusion.
4. The whole essay should analysis the relevant marketing stratergy not explain what it is. Focusing on analysis.
5.I need the writer study management and marketing not anything else. must reference your work correctly using the Harvard method. must 100% garentee free of plagirism.