Analysis a character from All That Matters

please write as simple as possible, and do not use difficult English words.
For this assignment, I would like you to prepare a 1800 word essay on a character from All That Matters. Basically, you will conduct a character sketch. You will need to tell me as much about the character you choose as possible. You will then have to tell what this character represents, how Choy develops the character, and their importance to the overall plot of the novel. You will need to put this character into some sort of historical context.
This essay will require an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. You will also need to frame an argument, and support this argument with evidence from the novel. It is also necessary for you to use outside sources to support your argument. I think a minimum of three sources, plus your novel, will be enough. You can always use more if you choose. Please cite all work properly by using footnotes. Your instructor can also help you find resources. Choose a character from the list below:
Third Uncle

As an example, letas say that you choose to write your essay on the character of Stepmother. You will need to contextualize her character by using secondary sources that speak to the nature of Chinese womenas immigration. You might argue that Stepmother is developed by Choy as an example of the importance women had in Chinese families. Without a proper female helpmate, the Chen family cannot survive. Poh-Poh cannot fulfill her desire for grandsons, Father will not be able to expand his family, and there will be no one to take care of Kiam-Kim when his Poh-Poh dies. Without a strong female figure, the family becomes weak and unstable. Stepmother also provides a stark contrast to white women of the time. You might want to speak about the fact that she works outside of the home, something that was frowned upon for white women. You might also speak to the fact that she travels to Canada ALONE, something unheard of for white women.