Analysis a poets poems from 1850 to present

Choose a poet from 1850-present. You will begin this assignment by compiling a list of poems by the poet of your choosing and reading a selcetion of his/her work. I would suggest at least 5-8 poems. You should also read some biographical material on your poet although I do not encourage you to include biographical information unless it is germaine to understanding the poems themselves.

You should then read some critical essays on the poets work to get a sense of how others read the poets work. The basis of your paper will be an analysis of the poems you selected in the context of viewing them as a body of work, that is to say that you should not analyze each poem seperately in your paper, but rather discuss them as a whole, making reference to specific poems as a way to support your claims. Of course, this means that you will inevitably need to be very familiar with the poets work and you will need to demonstrate that you have given these poems considerable thought.

You should include your sources, quoting directly where it is appropriate in your discussion. You must incorporate at least three legitimate sources, preferably journal essays that have been peer reviewed. Use the data bases provided to you by Butler Library. You are also free to incorporate print sources as well. Your paper needs to 2-3 full pages in length, with a Works Cited page and be in MLA format.