Analysis and comparation of themes and photography for the films directed by Christopher Nolan

1. For this essay, I need you to focus on the techniques and themes of the films directed by Nolan.
2. There are 3 Nolans films should be involved in this essay, and mainly write about Inception(Nolan,2010).
3. You should choose one or two specific themes from Inception to expand with film techniques and photography which were used in the films. The theme can be any themes in Inception, but it must be representative, and can be related to the other 2 Nolans films.
4. In this essay,the part about photography using should be specifically related to the films and themes you chose.
5. Both of the other 2 films you should choose from Nolans works, and compare with Inception around themes and photography. Discuss the similarities or differences.
6. You must use the information and sources from at least 3 books. And the sources from Looking at Movies-an introduction to filmby Richard Barsam and Dave Monahan must be used in this essay. So this book should be 1 of the 3 books you are gonna use for this essay.
7. As a international student, I dont want this essay is strongly academic and boring. Please try to find some interesting parts from films to write with and think about the word choices.
8. I will request the work cited information and outlines during your working, so please reply me asap if I contact you to ask for the information about my essay. They are parts of my assignment.
9. Avoid using the first person Iin the essay. The whole essay must write with the third person.
10. Some basic requirements about this essay I will upload to the website later.