Analysis and discussion of the main crross cultural (star)

Prepare a report for the company introduced earlier in your Assignment 1:
a?i Analyse a cultural profile and management practices of the local area in which you
will be operating. What are the workers going to be like? What kind of reception do
you anticipate from local government, suppliers, distributors, and so on?
a?i Design an organisational chart showing the company and its overseas operation(s),
and critically evaluate it in terms of management practices of the countries involved.
a?i State and evaluate the staffing policy and motivational systems you will use for toplevel
managers, and explain your rationale. What leadership style might be most
effective in this environment? Justify.
a?i Critically evaluate communication problems your managers might face in the hostcountry
working environment.
Explain any special control issues that concern you for this overseas operation. How
do you plan to deal with them?
a?i Identify the concerns of the host country and the local community regarding your
operations there. Introduce and evaluate possible plans to deal with their concerns
and to ensure a long-term cooperative relationship.
The length of this assignment is 8 pages.