Analysis and recommendation (Diamondbacks)

hey I have group paper that I would like you to write my part,
I will explain for you exactly what I need
the important thing is that you should understand what you should do
if you have misunderstand let me know asap
paper instruction,
For this project you are to form a consulting team. For the organizational audit, your team needs to pick an organization or group with 15+ members and analyze that groupas communication. This can be a student organization, a company, a department within a company, a church groupa any group of people with a common goal that has 15+ members is acceptable. Your team will create a recommendation report that identifies problems that you found when auditing the organization and provides solutions to these problems that are backed with solid evidence (theories and models, for example) from the material you have learned in this course

we choice Diamondbacks
their are two part for the paper analysis and recommendation I choice the recommendation part
1_I need a recommendation for analysis of this topic :reach young adults(collage students)we reel that D-backs are not doing enough to reach out university students
-80.000 t students to appeal
-college night not will presented to students
-lack of appeal for people under 21
-not enough collage nights
Provide detailed recommendations, with justifications, for one or two key communication problems found in the organization.
no introduction and conclusion or re-sources needed on the paper just focus on recommendation to solve this communication problem