Analysis of a advertising campaign for lexus cars

You are going to do a analysis of a campaign for lexus. Then take a look at a minimum of 3 different media where ads appear for this product (such as the internet, TV, outdoor, radio, newspapers etc.). You must be very specific in describing the ads the talent (which is an indicator as to the demographic for the product), the mood, the copy, is there music?, the lighting etc. Do a Close readingof the information carried within each ad. Identify the unifying element that makes these different ads a Campaignwhat holds them together?
Do a bit of research on the history of the product, what the manufacturer is seeking in the advertising campaign. Just how do the ads in the different media represent a campaign (sometimes it is the color, the headline, the talent, etc.) Is this an effective campaign? Do the ads in the different media offer information or mood or a need that the consumer will respond to? Why is this campaign compelling?