Analysis of a public or community health problem

State of Washington
Complete an analysis of a public or community health problem.

1. Identify a population-based public/community health problem in your county and/or state, such as:
A disease/disability group (e.g. diabetics, persons with A.I.D.S. (P.W.A.), people with Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimeras disease, etc.)

2. Provide a description of your selected health problem.

3. Obtain epidemiology/demographic data from your local county and/or state health department that documents the problem, provides parameters, and defines/illustrates the scope of the problem.

4. Research, identify, and describe a minimum of four resources that are currently available or that provide services to/for your selected group. These may include programs or agencies that provide specialized services, interventions, or grant monies. Describe the programs and discuss how their availability or existence is communicated to the selected population group.

5. Identify and discuss the barriers to solving your selected public/community health problem in terms of the following:

a. Services needed
b. Access
c. Communication challenges
d. Regulatory/political issues
e. Inter-agency scope of delivery and care
f. Financing/economics/budgetary issues
g. Population/human impact

6. Identify and discuss the major stakeholders who would be involved in solving your public/community health problem. Are there any agencies with conflicting agendas and/or crossovers of service provision?

7. Based on your analysis, make three recommendations to solve your identified problem. Provide data and references to support and lend credibility to your recommendations.