Analysis of a work of art with a contemporary advertisement

Find an advertisement that draws on an historical artistic movement or style that we have discussed (or will discuss) in class. Choose a work of art from the textbook that compares well with the ad that you chose and that shows the adas affinity or appropriation of the particular style.

**Do not choose an advertisement that directly appropriates (copies exactly or slightly alters) a work of art.

(Possible styles to consider: classicism, naturalism, Romanticism, Realism, abstraction, Surrealism, primitivism, Impressionism, orientalism, Pop)

Paper should be in essay format with an introduction (with a thesis), body, and conclusion.

Make sure to speculate about why the advertiser would have chosen to emulate or appropriate a particular style. This is a crucial part of your paper and should also be part of your thesis.

Formal analysis of both the advertisement and the work of art from the book will be necessary in order to support your comparison. How is the subject or message communicated through form?

Show how your formal analysis provides evidence for your thesis.

Make sure to identify the work of art by artist, title, date, and material.

Attach the advertisement to your paper.