Analysis of chinese, korean and japanese management styles

Here are the three questions you have to answer:
1. Some factors that contributed to the success of large Japanese companies became burdens to them. Similarly, the sources underlying the competitive strengths of Korean chaebols led to a major economic crisis. How and why did this happen? Critically evaluate these statements.

2. The Chinese market represents a major source of economic opportunities for foreign firms. However, finding success in this new economic frontier has been elusive. Please explain the reasons for the difficulties experienced by foreign firms operating in China and how some were more successful in entering the Chinese market. Please make sure to use the cases from the tutorials.

3. Internationalization has been critically important in the success of Japanese and Korean firms as well as the nascent Chinese multinationals. Compare and contrast their internationalization strategies and explain the implications of these cases for firms pursuing internationalization.

you MUST use the sources and case studies Ive attached as the backing up examples for the 3 questions. No other sources can be used apart from the one attached.