Analysis of critical incident (infection control)

analysis of of a critical incident

the essay requires critical analysis of the techniques and strategies required to manage risk chosen from the practice setting (sharp injury incident). this should be a critical incident that provides a learning experience related to risk management specifically. it should also draw on other learning outcomes, in particular critical appraisal of infection control strategies, and the tensions and dilemmas involved in leading an infection control service.


word limit 3000

the assignment must show an understanding of the nature of risk and its context, and the relationship between them. the majority of references, therefore, must be academic rather than department of health or other central guidance.

think creatively, and read widely.

keep a note of what you read (particular page numbers in books) for referencing later.

if you quote from a publication, put short quotations inverted commas. longer ones have their own indented paragraph.

even if you paraphrase an authors text, include the reference.changing the words around does not remove the need for a reference.

maintain confidentiality. do not use the names of patients/clients or staff, or identify your place of work or any other trust.

referencing, references and appendices are not included in the word count.

use the harvard referencing system.

always include an introduction to the essay and close with conclusion.
harvard referencing system