Analysis of McDonalds strategy in India muddle title : competing in the digital economy

first of all please make sure the paper is 100% no plagiarism.

please follow these sections and use it:

section 1:

1.1A. strength, weakness, opportunities and threat(SWOT) analysis at McDonalds restaurant in India.
write briefly and make a table showing the SWOT points.

1.1B. political, Economic, Social and technology factors (PEST) analysis at McDonalds restaurant in India.
write briefly and make a diagram showing the PEST points:

1.1.C. porters five forces at McDonalds analysis in India.
make a diagram to analysis the Porters five forces.

1.2. McDonalds competitive Environment in India:
write here

1.2.A. competitors from the local and global:
write here

1.2.b. the right price (cheaper prices).
write here

1.2.c. confrontation of the political and social:
write here

1.3. McDonalds strategy:
write here

1.3.a. the location
write here

1.3.b. fast and facility service.
write here

1.3.c. reliance on the term of culture and religions of Indian society.
write here

1.3.d. McDonalds targeted.( extra sale, less cost, the right price)
make a table here includes these three points.

1.3.e. Indian expansion plan.
write here please.

after that would you please brief with this subject* in a diagram:

* clarify the basic elements of a strategy for McDonalds in India
1. Indian expansion plan
2. the location.
3. fast and facility service
4. reliance on the terms of culture and religions on Indian society.

1.4. information system (IS) strategy:
write here please.

1.5. information technology (IT) strategy:
write here please.

1.6. business model:
please by a diagram

section 2

2.a. customer activity cycle:
please write here and then make a diagram showing these points as a customer life cycle at McDonalds:
choosing, ordering, side orders, services, delivery service, using, performance, estimate, payment, requirement and needs

3.1. McDonalds core competencies:
write briefly then start making a digram about that you can choose the points which related with this idea.

3.2. continuous innovation of products and customer needs:
write here

3.3. studying of communities: (McDonalds targeted, customer life cycle at McDonalds)

3.4. fast service:

3.5. training skills of staff:

3.6. placement:

briefly write here and make diagram to brief it all.

section 4:

4.1. recommendations:

5. reference.
please try to use open references.

words 2500-3000 excluding diagrams.