Analysis of micro economics of a social issue

this paper is on the (micro) economics of a social issue (with moral and ethical dimensions) relating to the business world or to a given firm in particular. Here is an emphasis is placed on two words economics and social. There are numerous possibilities.

The entire paper needs to be about two pages. If you use any charts, graphs tables and any other supporting materials, you should relegate them to an appendix. Your use of vocabulary, grammar and presentation are important. Do not forget writing a paper on an issue in two pages requires a lot of precision. In fact it needs to be edited diligently.This is NOT a regression paper.

It is not a position (opinion) paper. This is a survey of the literature paper. The literature for your topic needs to be thoroughly researched. Then you compose your paper. You should NOT use just online sources since they could be misleading, one-sided and lack scholarly approach.