Analysis of microeconomic forces affecting Target Corporation

I would like you to prepare a presentation about Target Corporation including the demand theory (consumer Behaviour and Pattern) + Price elasticity of demand of Target products and the shape of the demand curve.
Firm Theory (cost structure of Target -2 to 3 years of actual data)
Fixed costs, variable cost and your analysis of the same. I need complete information about the mentioned theories so that I can confidently present them to the class. I would like you to link the demand theory and firm theory to Target corporation.
the assessment criteria would be:
1.Use of theoretical concepts correctly and applying it to the sector in this case Target corporation.
2.extensive use of resources and sources are clearly cited.
3.clear indication of critical analysis in terms of explanation of graphs and tables.
4. use of data, graphs, tables, diagrams,charts to substantiate the facts of the research.

so please keep the assessment criteria in mind when preparing the power point, include tables, graphs and other things mentioned in the criteria.