Analysis of minority culture portrayal in film

Directions from professor: In the movie, Crash many of the charactres display prejudiced or ethnocentric attitudes. Write an anaylysis of how one of the minority cultures was portrayed. Be sure to consider your assumptions about the culture before you saw the movie. Use Jack Mezirows article Transformative Learning: Theory to Practiceto discuss where assumptions come from and their role in the transformative learning process and then what happens when a person encounters other points of view. Does film (as a genre) provide a point of view where transformative learning can occur? Through the film, through the theory and perhaps through other articles discussing the culture or how film evokes change, develop an essay for an academic audience exploring this issue.”

This is required to be a synthesis essay and use multiple sources, especially the movie Crash as well as Mezirows piece about transformative learning. I would like at least 3 total sources not including the movie. I can upload a copy of Mezirows essay, but Im not sure what to do about the film. It will be submitted as part of a portfolio so multiple teachers will be reviewing it. Ive never used a service of this nature before and so please let me know if there is anything else that I need to supply.