Analysis of the agency( youth impact center),social work

Analysis of the agency (60 points) This paper is a critical analysis of your agencyas function as part of the welfare delivery system. Grading criteria:
1. APA format: typed, double spaced, 12 point font, headings (10 points)
2. Assessment: experience gained/learned, positive/negative (15 points) 3. Consider issues discussed in class, e.g., diversity, social work values and ethics, interaction between individual and social environment, (20 points), 4. Hierarchical discussion of the agency within the welfare delivery system, i.e., what other community agencies are aligned with your agency (local, regional, national); collaboration efforts with others, e.g., physicians, other agencies, and/or are there efforts within the agency to coordinate services, treatment, and care (use of Systems Theory)? (15 points) No more than 5 pages in length Due: No later than April 19th
I did my volunteer at youth impact center in Ogden Ut.