Analysis of the mondus operandi of a manager

You are required to submit an analysis of the modus operandi of a Manager of your choice ( I would like it to be about drapery store manager). The selected person must be real, can be found in any of the business world.

Your analysis should include:

1. A description of the job the manager is performing purpose, key accountabilities etc

2. Your understanding of the way in which Fayols key managerial roles (planning, organizing, staffing, controlling ) are carried out.

3. the biggest challenge(s) inherent in the job of this Manager as you see it.

4. Your assessment of the effectiveness of the Manager.

Marks will be awarded on the fallowing basis:

Clarity of layout and referencing
Logical analysis and conclusions
Comprehensively addressing the topic

it is expected that submissions will cite exemplars and quote relevant theoretical models. It is important to understand the importance of the analysis in this piece of work. Descriptive work will result in below average mark or fail mark being obtained. The literature content must be fully referenced including any use of web-based material. Failure to reference correctly or use supporting literature will result in a below average mark or fail mark being obtained.