Analysis of the strategic situation of HTC, the mobile phone handset firm.

This coursework will relate to the analysis of the strategic situation of HTC, the mobile phone handset firm.
The following articles contain material on HTC and its industry that will help you get started:
Standing, J. and Jim, C. (2011). a?HTC to tough out slowdown as strategy doubts growa., 28 November. Available at us-htc-idUSTRE7AN00S20111128. Accessed 28 April 2012.
Economist (2012). a?The brand from nowherea. 7 April pp 65-6. Available at 21552206. Accessed 18 May 2012. (You can also access this article via the libraryas EBSCO and Nexis databases).
Please note that, as with the first attempt at this assignment, you are expected to supplement these articles with further research on HTC and its industry. Details of how much research, and what kind, can be found in the detailed assignment brief in the Module Handbook (page 4 onwards). Please read this brief carefully.
There are a number of what purport to be Porter five forces analyses of the smartphone industry on various blogs on the internet. Please be warned that:
None of these blogs qualifies as a reputable source of factual data
None of the analyses that we have seen is thorough enough to earn a pass mark on this module, so you will gain nothing if you take the risk of copying from them

Referencing Requirements: