Analysis of the theme of humanity in the 2007 version of the film Blade Runner

analyse the theme of humanity and what it means to be human
use times new roman 12 font and should be double spaced
Cite the online script for any quoting of dialogue; cite the DVD as well.

Your audience has already seen the film but has not analyzed it (e.g., in terms of elements such as symbol or theme).

When quoting dialogue, set the quotation off from your text. Begin each part of the dialogue with the appropriate character s name indented one inch from the left margin and written in ALL CAPS: HAMLET.

EVERY body paragraph MUST include an analysis of the film.
Use varied diction.
Beware of homonyms.
Write in active voice avoid passive voice.
Avoid expletive constructions.
Write in 3rd person avoid 1st or 2nd person.
Write in present tense avoid other tenses, especially past.