Analysis of UK SMEs manual accounting operations with recommendations for changeover to computerised accounting system

Areas of consideration:
a? A comprehensive introduction
a? Selection of appropriate resources
a? Critical analysis and review of resources
a? A comprehensive conclusion
a? Presentation of work

Critical Literature Review should show evidence of wide and analytical reading, reflecting an outstanding (critical) comprehension of literature in chosen topic / subject area.

The following guidelines (for indicative purposes) can be used to structure final year dissertation. This might be useful:

a? Introduction

Outline the research area a presenting the aim / objective(s) / research question(s), which should relate to the literature review. Clearly and concisely state the reasons (or rationale) for choosing the topic / subject area. Place your work in an academic and / industrial context a how is it of use to the sector the topic / subject area relates to (industrial context) and / or what debate are you developing in the academic realm? Briefly outline the structure of your report a what is contained in each section. This will give the reader an indication of what is to follow, and how your project, research and thought have been developed.

a? Literature Review

This is a critical assessment of existing research in your chosen topic / subject area. The critical review of literature should include contemporary resources and, also, depth and breadth of arguments are important. The literature review should be placed into context in view of the aim / objective(s) / research question(s). You need to show evidence that you have read and understood relevant literature relating to your area of study. Arguments should be clearly and concisely stated a you should be critically interpreting, analysing and reflecting upon the literature in your review.

a? Conclusion
Summarise the main arguments emerging from your critical review of the literature a your conclusions need to be supported by the evidence presented in the literature review. You need to return to the aim / objective(s) / research question(s) of your work a have these been fulfilled? You need to evaluate your own progress and project outcomes a what limitations would you identify? Are recommendations appropriate or necessary and if so are they feasible and practical?

a? ReferencesHarvard format

a? Appendix