Analysis paper on ( is legacy admissions ethical?)

this paper has to be a analysis on is legacy admissions ethical?

we was suppost to pick out of 3 articles that would go by what we would agree with the most. this is the article i picked to go with the topic. not essay need to be analysis

justice requires all persons and thus managers too, to be quided by fairness ,equity and impartiality. justice calls for evenhanded treatment of groups and indviduals. in the administration of laws and regulations. an action or policy is just if it is comparable to the treatment accorded to others..
Standards of justice are generally considered to be more important thatn the utilitarian consideration of consequences. if a society us unjust to a minority group, we generally consider that society to be unjust and we condemn it, even if it results of the injustices bring greater economic productivity. on the other hand we seem willing to trade off some equity if the results will bring about greater benefits for all. standards of justice are not as often in conflict with individuals rights as are utilitarian norms. this is not surprising since justice is largly based on the moral rights of individuals. the moral rights to be treated as a free and equal person.

we are doing this is engl 102 and the assigment is analysis paper on this topic. I neeed a b on this paper to pass the class home someone is good at analysis paper. please help. has to be a analysis the teach check for plagarism through software please give me goood writer