Analysis that provides a greater understanding of Chadwick and Smileys concerns with the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

your task is to write an analysis that provides greater understanding of Chadwick and Smileys concerns with the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in their articles they wrote.

The 2 articles used are;
-Say It Aint So, Huck by Jane Smiley
-Why Huck Finn Belongs in Classrooms by Jocelyn Chadwick

Pleas let me know if you have trouble finding these articles.

To start, you will identify the common concerns and positions addressed by both writers in their articles about the novel, and any significant differences they have on issues related to the book.


Both authors of each article take a position on whether the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is or is not a fitting novel for a classroom setting. Chadwick believes that the book triggers discussion of the issues of racism, while Smiley argues that it actually causes us to avoid the topic.”

you should evaluate the merits, importance, and validity of these articles as well.

explain why Chadwick and Smileys articles express opinions that are worthy and important enough for us to able be able to grow a greater understanding of the novel The Adventures of Huckleyberry Finn.

answer these questions throughout your essay:
-what evidence has each author offered in support of their claims?
-what are the authors primary concerns?
-to what extent are these ideas useful?
-what has each author overlooked?
-why is this so important and to whom?

ultimately your goal is to show how we can get a better understanding of the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by looking at Chadwick and Smileys articles together.

take note of every point each author makes in their article, but keep a tight focus in the essay. revolve the essay around the thesis i provided you.

attribution,parenthetical documentation, and list of works cited are required.

the opening paragraph of the paper should provide backround that would enable a reader who is unfamiliar with Chadwick and Smiley to understand their concerns with the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

the paper sould establish a relationship between the 2 writers.

the paper should identify and analyze one significant idea (the thesis i provided) that the auhtors share and explores the similarities and/or differences in their positions on this concern.

avoid a simple afree/disagree position on any point. make reasoning is clear. examples, textual evidence, and other support should be provided for assertions the writer makes.

the concluding paragraph should avoid sumarizing the paper. emphazize the significance of the concerns which have been examined.

orginization of paper should be clear, logical and easy to follow.