Analysis the issue of David Jones takeover by Woolworth

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the issue part should be all about David Jones takeover by Woolworths (analysis the issue) and make sure it flows well with the background paragraph

the metaphor part: need to talk about metaphor of both organisations and also David Jones response to the issue internally and externally

heres what my tutor sent to us, please following these instruction:)

3. Issue (issue and companys response)

4. Discussion (Critique Draw on the literature )
Metaphor/s in describing the organisation in general, and organisational communication in particular.

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Analysis the issue of David Jones takeover by Woolworth

Weight: 35%
Assessment type: Individual
Assessment Format: Report submitted by each group

Drawing on the literature, this task is to critique an organisations response to a specific issue, with particular focus on factors or attributes that influence and/or characterise communication processes in the organisation. The aim of the task is to analyse communication processes in the nominated organisation in responding to a particular set of circumstances (eg a merger or significant structural change, industrial dispute, crisis or leadership change) by examining the attributes enumerated below. Each group functions as a team that will examine one organisation. Each member of the team writes one section of the report that will be submitted as a business/consultanti??s report with a critique and recommendations.

Report content and distribution of individual topics

Below is a suggested structure for the report. Groups have the responsibility to agree on the equity of distribution of work amongst members. Agree on who will cover which sections of the report such as introduction, conclusion, appendices, reference lists, among others. As a professional document (consultants report) it is important that there be a succinct narrative that flows from one section to the next. All reports should be written with academic rigor, referenced and well edited.

Suggested structure:
1. Introduction (Include the purpose of the document)
2. Background (details of the company)
3. Issue (issue and companys response)
4. Discussion (Critique Draw on the literature and pick up following themes:
a. Metaphor/s in describing the organisation in general, and organisational communication in particular.
b. Power, decision-making and leadership.
c. Small group dynamics: Subordinate-superior relationships.
d. Small group dynamics: Peer and co-worker relationships (Traditional teams, virtual teams, self-directed working teams?).
e. Formal and informal approach to communication processes (meetings, storytelling, organisational stories, gossip, rumour).
f. Employee engagement and employee communication (traditional/i??offlinei?? and non-traditional/online means).)
5. Conclusion and Recommendations


The report requires a combination of secondary and primary research. The group decides how to approach the appropriate research work for their case study. Secondary research constitutes literature review on the organisational themes and desktop research on the organisations. This may include both traditional and non-traditional sources of information, where applicable, such as documentaries, reports, websites, media clippings, etc. Use these materials as background information in your case studies.

Primary research is composed of gathering first-hand data that helps groups take a closer look at internal communication practices in organisations. Note that most of these processes are confidential and are not publicly available, hence a need for members to conduct some basic research methods such as interviews, mini-surveys, focus-group discussions, etc. Inform your tutors about details of your primary research prior to actual fieldwork in order to avoid issues on ethics, consent, confidentiality, anonymity, and the like.


Heres a few website that I provide for you to have a look, please note that Further researchis required:

s in describing the organisation in general, and organisational communication in particular. (no less than 500words, use at least 2 readings that I provided)
5. Recommendations required! In this part you only have to do it base on metaphor or the issue if you want.
Total wording is 1800 2000(max) exclude reference list and sub-heading

You MUST use at least 5 readings that I provided and the rest can be other sources. Bibliography page is needed, reference all the sources that you looked at during research process or used in this paper. Note that at least 7 Academic references in this report.
Use sub-heading to separate different part.

Give me a dot-point summary of this paper after 3 days for me to make sure you are on the right track. After this dot point summary, I will still give you 10 days to work on:)

you can go through Outlinefrom week 2 week 7 to choose which reading you want to read so that you dont have to open all readings. Introductionis just an introduction file that is more clear, you can download for your convenience:)

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