Analysis the poet a?Tithonusa? by Lord Alfred Tennyson

Author one COHERENT, THESIS-DRIVEN essay which is a close reading of the poem I will upload.

And you donat have to analyze every single word.

A successful analysis will include the following:

1. a thesis that reflects your interpretation of the poems feeling/impression

2. use of all relevant poetic terminology (what is relevant varies to some degree with each poem). This will always include the form of the poem with a clear analysis of how this contributes to its effect (in other words, if Epic, how does that add to the effect or why is it important). Use of rhyme, no rhyme or slant rhyme will always be significant. Discuss images or conceits used. Be sure to look for ways the poet breaks from poetic traditions. Also look for enjambment, endstop, internal rhyme, assonance, alliteration, caesura, language, and other unusual choices

3. Must incorporate a scholarly critical study to support your analysis (keep in mind the claims-support structure of an analysis). You are free to choose one by yourself.

4. Please do not do a biographical reading (Primarily because its too easy and doesnt get at the elements of poetry and misses the point of the poem)