Analysis the social media presence of RED BULL”

For this assignment, you will analyze the social media presence of a company or nonprofit of your choosing. This may be a national or global organization, or a small business or charity. Based on lecture and reading material presented thus far, you will evaluate the strategic use of social media by the organiation.
You report should address the following:

1. Surveillance”, or independent research to determine the level of online engagement and discussion about the chosen brand, its industry, and its competitors. This section can be thought of as a SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)

2.Home Base”, or the content used by the brand on social media. Does this brand have a blog in use? What type of content strategy is in place? Is it effective?

3.Outposts”, or how is the brand leveraging social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc., to drive the conversation, or to engage its audience? Where does its audience fall on the social media engagement Ladder”, as explained in class? Is the strategy effectively reaching the right people? Are the SNS used in a way that humanizes the brand?

4.Community”, or who is behind the social media efforts of the brand? Has an agency been hired to handle the job? Is there a commnunity manager in place? or many?

5.Mobile”, or how well the brand has addressed the challenge of the Post-PC era

6. Lastly, and very importantly, Recommendationsyou would make for improving the social media strategy of the chosen company

Your report should consist of all six (6) sections, with at least one page dedicated to each, excluding images.