Analysis website (home)

Learning Outcomes

students should be able to demonstrate an achievement in the following key areas:

” Describe the principles of information presentation.
” Demonstrate the ability to evaluate the effectiveness of selected media case studies.
” Demonstrate the ability to use ICT tools to organise and present information.
” Demonstrate an ability to compare and critically evaluate arguments and evidence.
” Demonstrate an ability to work as part of a team.

Topics and Requirements
As a group, you must research, analyse and present your ideas regarding the various information communication techniques used by a specific website. Each presentation will be recorded as required by the College and will be performed to your tutor(s) and class on the above deadline.

You have been placed into appropriate groups containing both Media & Communications and Computing students (to the extent possible). As a group, you must choose to analyse one website from the list below or request one of your own choosing. You must inform your tutor(s) of your selection before starting your coursework and each group must select a different website to analyse.

1. where/when?
” What is the purpose of this website from the audience s point of view? Why do people use it?
” Is any prior information or knowledge required to use the artefact? If so, what information?
” How do you respond to this website, and why?

2. Media as a text*

” Is any prior information or knowledge required to understand the text? If so, what information?
” Is the text part of a larger campaign? If so, what are the other components of the campaign (other advertising, etc.)?
” Is there a narrative (story) or a key message contained in the text? If so, what is it?
” What is being promised by the text?
” What are the values underlying the message?
” Who is in control in the text (producer, consumer, etc)? Why?

” Is colour used? How? Why might the producers have used these colours?
” How have images been placed in the overall design? Why is this?
” Has anything been left out (image or words)? If so, what and why?
” Is the product shown? If not, why not?
” Is there a slogan? If so, how does it relate to the images?
” Who is being addressed, and how (informal, formal, etc)?
” What typeface is being used? Why?
” Is sound use? What type (sound effects, music, someone speaking)? Why might the producers have used these sounds or this music?
” Are there images of people? If so, what gender are they?
” What are their facial expressions? Why?
” What is their posture or body language? Why?
” What roles and stereotypes are being represented?
” How would you describe the relationship between the people and the product or service?

Objective 2:
you must prepare, practice and deliver a suitable presentation that communicates your written analysis from Objective 1 to an audience. Remember to include your opinions about the function, audience and communication ability of your chosen website.

Your written analysis should conform to the following guidelines:

 A title page must be present containing name of website, student names and student numbers.
 Your analysis should be presented in the same font throughout (e.g. Arial 12pt).
 Your analysis should be around 4 pages in length.
 All sources of information (including images) should be referenced using the Harvard notation method.