Analytical essay between you, me , and 622 BFFsfor Orenstien

This is the second order on the same topic, the first order, your writer was not follow 100 % my instructions so my (order) analytical the essay was wrong. So, please before you start to analyze the author writing, carefully read all the instructions and other guides and example that I attached to have an idea how to analyze and to do as what I want otherwise do not write it.
My Instructions:
before you start to read the article:
1read carefully the power point slides that I attached to have and idea about the rhetorical appeals to analysis the article. and the Fallacies too.
2read the an example too, to have an idea and analyze the article like it or close to it.
3Now, read the article Between you, me , and 622 BFFsfor Orenstein. remember to analyze the authors tone, style writing, words choice, and her language. And also Does she persuade the audience (parents) How ? explain? Support (Quotes from article and analyze them to show me that?
Once You Read The Article And Have An Idea How To Analyze, PLEASE, Follow the Instructions of writing:
1I have provide you with thesis statement which is Orenstein employs a factual (change this word with better word) tone and relies on her own credibility as a writer to use of parents to become more involved………..this is approximately my thesis statement and you may change some words and add others but the thesis statement must have ( Authors tone, Rhetorical appeals, and does she convince her audience, the effectiveness.
2body paragraph:
each body paragraph must have topic statement which is related to thesis statement.
and use a quote from article as a support (no more than 4 sentences) and analyze the quote well and show how it relate the topic statement.
3Do not start or end any paragraph with quote.
4write in third person, and remember to go back to your thesis statement and think about the audience with each statement you write it.
5Stay focused on the thesis statement and audience.
6Do not analyze the content ever never, and do not involve yourself with audience ( Does not matter if the author convince you or not,)
7Does the author educated well and expert and use good examples to convince the audience? or She uses audience emotions and tries to convince them? What are the Fallacies that she made in her article to become weak?
how she end the article ? does she organize and achieve her aim or had some mistakes and weakness in her article?
restate the thesis. and conclude the essay.
9do not write introduction, you start with body paragraph and the thesis would be as introduction.
write in sample structure and easy words and correct grammar.