Analytical essay of Nightby elie wiesel

1. PUBLICATION INFORMATION SHOULD BE COMPLETE: You must give the author s full name, the complete title of the book, the publisher, and the date of publication.
2. THE AUTHOR S BACKGROUND IS IMPORTANT TO A THOROUGH ANALYSIS OF ANY BOOK: Find out as much as you can about the author. Does he/she speak with authority? What are his credentials when it comes to writing on the topic you have selected?
3. A BRIEF SYNOPSIS OF THE BOOK: Briefly summarize the book. Include the names and significant events that are important.
4. THERE ARE CERTAIN THINGS THAT EVERY BOOK REVIEW SHOULD CONTAIN: What is the purpose of the book and is it achieved? What is the scope of the book? What does it cover? Are there major themes in the book? What are they? Is there a thesis in the book and if so what is it? What is the author trying to prove and in your opinion, does he/she? Are there basic flaws in the book? If you have a criticism, point it out, give an example.
5. SOURCES MUST ALSO BE CONSIDERED: What sources have been utilized in writing the book? Are the references primary or secondary? Could other sources have been useful?
6. REVIEWS MUST BE SPECIFIC AS WELL AS GENERAL: For every generalization that you make about the book, you must offer a specific example that clearly illustrates what you mean. You may use specific quotations or ideas that you lift from the book, but acknowledge the appropriate pages in parentheses.
7. REVIEWS MUST BE DESCRIPTIVE AND ANALYTICAL: Communicate few of the author s significant ideas. Why are they important? What disagreements or reservations do you have about them? If a book is good, why is it good? If a book is boring, why is it boring? Above all, do not hesitate to give your own opinion.
8. WORK HARD ON YOUR WRITING: Make your critical book review as professional as possible. This written review is worth 200 points. GOOD LUCK!