Analytical report german bundestag to have a law made

Assignment 4: Final Analytical Report
Assignment Due: See Course Schedule.
Format: Submit the analytical report in a text format, a MS Word format, or RTF format. Do not submit in an HTML or a PDF format.
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1. To develop a formal report that effectively presents the situation/problem, research findings, and conclusions of your investigation to your target audience.
2. To apply what has been discussed during the course about creating effective technical documents, including style, organization, design, and content, to developing a report that is tailored to your audience.
Note: Reports that are found to contain plagiarized information from other sources will automatically receive a grade of F.
Write a formal analytical report about the topic of your class project. In this report, you describe a topic that you think is a problem or situation needing attention; describe, analyze, and interpret your research findings; draw conclusions; and possibly provide recommendations for improvement. This report is the culmination of the class project.
Here are the required components for the project:
” Title Page
” Letter of Transmittal
” Table of contents
” Informative Abstract
” Body of Report
Must include at least one graphic in the text. Use the APA style guidelines for citing information in the text. See unit 5, Writing Reports,in the course guide for organizing the report. (The course guide is available by selecting Course Content -> Course Modules from the Class menu.)
” Reference List
Your reference list must include a minimum of five sources. A minimum of two of these sources must be from UMUCs library databases and/or E-Journals. Your other sources can include on-line or Internet/ sources, interviews, emails, books, articles from periodicals, brochures, and so on. Use the APA style guidelines for your citations.
For more information, see the Assignment 4 (Analytical Report) Information conference.
Assignment length: minimum 10 double-spaced, 1margin pages of text for the body of the report (does not include the supplementary components of a report--the front matter and back matter). Clearly indicate paragraph separation. Double-space the abstract. Use standard format for the letter of transmittal, table of contents, and reference list.
I was thinking my audience would be German Federal Government The bundestag president Dr. Norbert Lammert.

The legislative process
The legislative process is one of the most important tasks performed by the German Bundestag. All laws are deliberated on and adopted in Parliament. Some acts require the consent of the Bundesrat, the organ through which Germany s 16 constituent states  the L?nder  participate in the legislation and administration of the Federation.

John, Are you thinking of the German federal government or one of the state/provincial governments? If you are considering the federal government, who will you direct your project documents to? A legislator in the Bundestag? Please be more specific about which level of the German government and who in that level of government you are directing your project documents to? Michelle -Michelle Didier wrote: John, No proposal is attached. Michelle -John Edward Obenhaus wrote:
John, You have a good start at defining your topic and its purpose and audience. However, your scope of your project is somewhat unclear. Where does this problem exist and where, or what level of government, are you planning to present this idea to? For example, if are you thinking of the United States, what state or municipality would you present this to? Or, were you thinking of a level of government in Germany? Your audience includes lawmakers. Be more specific here as well and identify the lawmakers more specifically who will be part of your audience, especially the ones to whom you will address your project documents and will be the decision makers about the documents. Please response with more information about where this problem exist and you will look at it, as well as more specific information about your audience. Your topic is tentatively approved. Thanks. Michelle
Professor Didier I was thinking of the government here.
-John Edward Obenhaus wrote:
I have attached my proposal.