Analytical report on the importance of the USA to the Qatarairways future prospects.

Please follow these instruction carefully

write an analytical report on the importance of the country to the airlineas future prospects.

a? Pay particular attention to key macroeconomic variables (e.g. inflation, unemployment, growth, interest rates, exchange rates, macroeconomic policies, etc).

a? You should consider what is expected to happen to the key variables in the shorta?term future.

a? Be sure to connect the relevant variables to the airlineas operation …

outline what the nature of importance is (e.g. trade partner, competitor, source of resources, etc)

You should then outline the structure of the economy in question, highlighting the relevant macroeconomic variables/issues to the relationship between the two countries (USA & Qatar )

you should discuss any future developments in macroeconomic policy within the country in question and connect these to the variables you outline earlier in the report.


a? No more than TEN pages.
a? Please provide an executive summary for the
a? Please provide references at the end of the report.

Please stick to those requirement