Analytical Report: Technical Writing) Free Topic

The overall report should follow a similar style or contain the following:


The analytical report should be written as if you are part of a company team and representing that team if you are doing so. If you are an individual submitter, you may use first person.

Document Design

You should create an original design for the report. It should follow the required format listed in the textbook. You should also look closely at the example provided in the textbook. It has all of the proper sections and subsections; however, note the  Executive Summary is not correct. If you directly mimic the example you run the risk of losing points. We will discuss this in the discussion area.

In the discussion area you can see two examples of reports written by individual submitters.

Document Sections

You should refer to the course packet for information about the format. You need to have all sections within the front matter, body of the report, and end matter. If you do not have the correct sections, you will lose significant points, possibly making an  F on the assignment. We will discuss these sections in class and you can find them listed in the course packet. The sections are as follow:

Front Matter

Title Page

Executive Summary

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations/Figures/Tables



Problem Description or Background



Analysis or Discussion

Recommendation or Conclusion

End Matter

Glossary (if applicable)

References (if applicable)

Appendices (if applicable)

Additional information as well as examples will be uploaded beyond this. Thank you.