Analyze a politicaland/or social problem and suggest possible solutions to the problem youanalyze.

Continue to follow the structure of asix-paragraph argumentative essay in the following ways:

1. Your introduction (first paragraph) shouldbegin with an identification of the problem and a justification for choosingthe problem. In your justification,discuss how at least two of the authors we read in this course would view thesocial problem. The thesis statementshould offer three solutions to eliminate the problem, briefly mentioning whichof the two authors you draw from, or oppose, for each solution you offer.

2. Inthe next three paragraphs, elaborate on the three solutions you offer, demonstratingthe strengths of these solutions and drawing from the two authors youi??vementioned to support your points. Be sure to quote from the appropriate texts,in moderation.

3. Inthe fifth paragraph, refute counter-arguments by acknowledging some of the weaknessesof your proposed solutions and the strengths of other solutions that the twoauthors might propose. But argue thatthe strengths of your solutions outweigh the weaknesses. In doing so, point out the weaknesses in thesolutions the two authors might propose.

4. Inthe sixth and last paragraph, restate your thesis and provide an overarchinginsight into the two theoristsi?? relevance for current social or politicalproblems.

5. Rememberthat this essay should be twice as long as Essay 2 or Essay 3 (which were 3pages each). So each paragraph should belonger. If you end up having more thansix paragraphs, thati??s acceptable, as long as your essay follows the structureof a six-paragraph argumentative essay.