Analyze an interveiew for a communication class

Interview Analysis Essay
This assignment is designed to get you to reflect on concepts from the course and apply them to an actual interview. Chose an interview (Informational, Persuasive, Healthcare, Counseling, etc.) and apply at least three different concepts from our textbook to the interview. In order to complete this assignment successfully, you will need to do the following:

A. Choose and watch an interview
You will need to watch a video clip that contains an interview and analyze the interview by applying concepts from class and the course text. I must be able to view your chosen interview. List the interview URL at the end of your essay.

B. Write the Analysis
Introduce the topic. In this first section you should gain your audienceas attention and provide a thesis statement and preview stating what you are going to discuss in this paper. Your thesis should function as a framework for the issues you will develop. Remember, your thesis is a claim you make that you will explain, argue, and support throughout your paper. Your preview should be the 3 concepts you choose to apply, and why they are relevant to your thesis.
Describe the interview you are going to analyze and briefly explain why it is a good example of your claim/thesis. This should not be a large portion of your paper, but it should provide enough information so a reader who is not familiar with the interview knows what it is about. You will reveal more information about the interview later as evidence. Also, in this portion you should explain how the interview relates to you personally. Is there a personal interview experience you have had that you can share?
Support your claims. You will be applying a total of 3 different concepts from our class text. For each, you must do the following:

1. Identify the concept and define it with quotations from our text. You must include citations for direct quotations and/or paraphrases. Then, define it in your own words. Explain how the concept applies to the interview and relates to your thesis/claim. You must provide specific, detailed examples from the interview and your personal experiences to fully support your argument.

2. Spend a minimum of one paragraph per theory and/or concept. You should fully complete the above steps for a concept before moving on to another one.
Evaluate your analysis. Provide a personal reflection about the interview and your own ideas. How does this relate to communication? Are there any lessons that can be learned?
Conclude your paper. Restate your thesis/claim and summarize your main ideas. What concepts did you use? What was your main point? What are your final reflections?

The paper should be 3-4 pages, typed, and double-spaced. Your paper will be evaluated on its substance and style. The following elements will be considered during the grading process: grammar, spelling, punctuation, incomplete sentences, etc. Errors of this type will result in a -.5 deduction per mistake. Please proofread carefully.

please dont forget to:
–describe the kind of questions the interviewr asked
–Mention if the interviewer repeated the answer of the person he/she is interviewing
–mention if the interviewer had closed or open questions
–mention how the interviewer ended it