Analyze any 3 of external environments of Coca-Cola

in this essay, i would like to use Coca-Cola as the company to be analyzed.

give the background of the company
Identify and explain the theory about the external environments.
give examples according to the theory
link and compare between the fact and the theory
please use at least 4 different sources

Avoid general background information.
the essay should get straight to the point by:
explaining your understanding of the question
defining key words
explaining in brief, what you are going to cover in your essay.

In the body or main part of the essay, present the information you have found in the research by:
discussing the views of several authors

integrating examples and theories into your discussion

showing how the points you are making relate to each other and to your topic

Briefly summarise what you have covered in the essay.
Do not introduce any new information or ideas.
finish with a strong statement from you about the importance of the key issues you have discussed and their significance for managers now and in the future.

*Reference List:
APA referencing
Begin on a new page
List all the sources you have referenced in the essay alphabetically, according to authoras family name

Line spacing one and a half

Preferred size font size 12

Each page numbered

Both margins justified