Analyze the book listed Dahl, Robert. How Democratic Is the Constitution? (whole book)


Dahl, Robert. How Democratic Is the Constitution? (whole book)

For this paper assignment, you must analyze the book listed above.

Your paper must be 6 to 8 pages long (typed and double-spaced). Your essay must include a brief introduction to what you discuss in the paper, as well as a conclusion that summarizes your main points. Your essay should convey the main arguments made by the author and critical comments from you about the author s ideas. It is fine to include your opinion about the strength of the author s argument, but it must be backed up with facts or examples from the book. Why do you think what you do about the author s argument? Whether you choose to contradict or agree with the author s conclusions, you should provide evidence for your statements.

In the course of your essay, you should address the following questions:

” What is the author s primary message in this book or the portions of the book you read? What are the secondary points?

” Does he make a convincing argument and draw reasonable, logical conclusions from the evidence he provides?

” How does the author s argument fit in with the treatment of the same general subject (that is, the Constitution and its development over time; civil rights; and civil liberties) in the textbook (Lowi et al.) used in this course? Or doesn t it? Explain.

” Are there any connections between this book and any of the readings in The Enduring Debate? If yes, discuss.

” Does the author believe there has been development over time in the field he discusses? If yes, what are the primary changes, and how did they come about? What forces or factors were involved?

” Does the author(s) provide any recommendations for the future? If so, are they reasonable and/or feasible? Would they improve the conditions the author(s) believes have been weak in U.S. politics or in the nation s past?

Additional research (other than the course textbooks) may not be necessary, but it can be done if you wish to draw comparisons or make particular criticisms but lack the information to do so. Any outside sources, including the two textbooks (and texts within The Enduring Debate), should be cited in endnotes or internal notes with page numbers. If you rely upon published book reviews to formulate your ideas, these sources must be included in a bibliography at the end of your paper.

Formatting and other requirements:

Outside research is not required. You should be able to complete the assignment strictly from class materials. If you do choose to use outside materials, these must be properly cited.

Include a title that clearly identifies which book you are writing about.

The paper must be typed and double-spaced with standard-size type and margins. It must be handed in in hard copy, not by email.

While you may wish to use a few direct quotes from the book itself, these should be kept to a minimum, and each should be short, no more than three or four lines. (It is better to put the ideas into your own words.) Any direct quotations must be identified with quotation marks and either endnotes or internal notes that include the page numbers.

Proper grammar and the organization of your paper will impact the grade you receive on this assignment. Write an outline before you begin. Read your paper through before you hand it in!