Analyze the business case Zara: IT for Fast Fashion

The class name isInformation Technology and Creative Practice. The assignment is Short Case Analysis describing the product or project you chose and provide specific examples related to topics we discussed in class”.
The topic I choose is about the fashion company, Zara, which has use information technology for fast fashion industry last ten years. The case will describes the value chain and concentrating on its operations and IT infrastructure.

I will offer two case analysis download from Harvard business school.

The assignment consideration might include:
1.An overview of the current business state. What is Zaraas business model and how does it differ from other fashion retailers? What are its strengths and weaknesses and can it be scaled for growth?
2.what information does Zara need to operate under its current business model?
3. what are the most important components to how zara approaches information technology? Are these appropriate to doing business?
4. what are current or potential weaknesses in Zaraas IT infrastructure and strategy?