Analyze the qualities of the editing in ET and

For the first part of the assignment,
Watch the clip from ET, then describe and discuss in detail the (a) temporal,
(b) spatial, (c) rhythmic, and (d) graphic qualities of the editing (this will include discussing
techniques of continuity editing at work in the scene, but do not limit yourself to discussing
continuity editing only). Please do not simply point out the techniques you see at work in the
editing. Analyze those techniques, identifying and describing their narrative and emotional
For the second part of the assignemnt,
According to David Bordwell art films motivate their narratives by two principles: realism
(both objective and subjective verisimilitude, as he calls it) and authorial expressivity.
Demonstrate your comprehensive knowledge of Bordwellas essay, and your own creative
imagination, by reimagining The Apartment as an art film. In particular, how would you
restructure the plot, how would you alter the main characters and their motivations (Fran,
Baxter, Sheldrake), and how would you end the story? Be very, very specific about the
changes you would make and be very, very specific about why you would make those
changes (this will entail linking all of your proposed changes to Bordwellas notions of realism
and authorial expressivity).