Analyze womans social status in pre-modern societies.

1. this is not a paper of comparison and contrast of womens positions in different cultures in general terms. Instead, you should choose one specific cultural attitude, such as the christian or islamic attitude, or one culture condition, such as foot binding in china, polygamy in the mideast, or witch-hunting in Europe, or other as your focus for your research and analysis. you should include in your paper both the facts, as specific as possible, and the analysis of bias perceptions of the culture, in which your topic evolved.

2.Combine your analysis with historical facts derived from original documents. you are not asked to write a story, in which facts speak themselves, neither are you asked to write a dry essay without factual support.

3. A good paper must follow the basic format of a research paper. It should also show your critical view on the topic or the issue you choose to represent. it is crucial to demonstrate your understanding of the complexity of the view(s) that you want to get through.