Analyzing a specific example of science in the United States

The course focus on the time frame bewteen 1800s and 1900s. We could choose any of a significant scientific example. There is also a list of topic that we cover in course so you could pick up from it.(will upload later)

The course examines the development of the physical sciences and life sciences in the United States and their use from the colonial era to the present. We will explore the historical role of science in the United States and the relationship between science and other institutions. Our study of the sciences will focus on the role of scientific knowledge in education, government, culture, society, law, and religion, the funding of the sciences, and the application of sciences in business and economies.

The paper should include primary sources such as period journals, newspaper and magazine articles, advertisements, public health pamphlets, newsreels, government documents, etc., and secondary sources to place the example in the context of the history of science.

The paper should be 8-12 pages long (double-spaced, 1a? margins) in Times, Times New Roman, or Palatino.

The font should be 11 or 12-point size except for the footnotes which should be in 10-point size.

must have a title that clearly defines the focus and boundaries of paper.

citations must be in Chicago style. Footnotes (notes at the bottom of the page) are required for all evidence and ideas that are not your own, and (in the case of a book,
article, or other printed source) must include the relevant page number(s).

A bibliography listing all the sources you cite in alphabetical order must be attached as a separate page to the end of your paper